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HIJ: The Leading Edge of Micromechatronics in the Age of Wearable Information Devices

The Horological Institute of Japan (HIJ) is an academic society established in 1948 to promote investigation and research on the watch and its applied technologies. People from many fields of study have taken part in HIJ and have supported it throughout its history of more than 50 years.

In 1998, HIJ changed the name of its bulletin from "Journal of the Horological Institute of Japan" to "Micromechatronics" , aiming to enclose not only micro-technologies relating to watches and clocks but also the micro-machining, micro-manufacturing and wearable information devices.
Our society applies micromechatronics technology to various fields from basic research to commercialization, making use of miniaturization and energy-saving technologies that we have become familiar with through watch-manufacturing technology.

Main Activities

  1. Meetings and workshops
    • Meetings
      HIJ holds the Meeting on Micromechatronics twice a year in spring and autumn.
    • Workshops
      We offer debate-centered workshops on several topics relevant to the leading fields related to watches and wearable information devices. Lecturers are recognized experts in the appropriate field of study.
    • Inspection tours
      We conduct inspection tours once a year of factories and institutes that have demonstrated remarkable innovation in the industry related to the study fields of HIJ.
  2. Publications
    Micromechatronics , the bulletin of HIJ, is published twice a year in June, and in December.
  3. Technology Research Working Group
    HIJ has subcommittees dedicated to the research of miniaturized information devices for the purposes of examining the present status of and difficulties in each related technology,systemizing the associated technologies, and conducting research on the possibilities of future development and use of miniaturized information devices. There are three subcommittees currently in existence: Energy sources and management for watches and clocks, Chip scale atomic clock, and Watch manufacturing technologies.
  4. Awards in Recognition of Research Achievements
    The Aoki Award, named in memory of Dr. Tamotsu Aoki, the first president of HIJ, is presented each year to the author of the best paper contributed to Micromechatronics in the preceding year.
  5. Communication and Cooperation with Domestic and Foreign Institutes
    HIJ holds workshops and meetings in cooperation with related societies in Japan and abroad.

Membership Information

  1. Membership classes
    • Regular members
      A regular member may be either a corporation, an individual or a group that accepts HIJ's objectives.
    • Student members
      A student member is a student who accepts HIJ's objectives.
    • Contributing members
      A contributing member may be either a corporation or an individual who wishes to provide an additional level of support for HIJ's activities.
  2. Entrance fees and annual membership fees
    • Entrance fee: 200 yen
    • Annual membership fees:
      • Regular members: 5,000 yen
      • Student members: 1,000 yen
      • Contributing members: 25,000 yen
  3. Application for membership
    Please complete the application form below and mail or fax it to the following address:
    HIJ Secretariat Office ,The Horological Institute of Japan,
    902 Kudan-asahi Mansion, 1-9-5 Kudan-kita Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, JAPAN
    Phone: +81-3-3288-5160
    Fax: +81-3-3288-5175

    You may also submit your application directly from this website (see below).

    Entrance and membership fees are payable to the following account:
    Postal transfer account No. 00100-5-648655
    "Nihon Tokei Gakkai"

The Horological Institute of Japan Application for New Membership

All the articles and conversations at HIJ is done in Japanese Language.
please try to submit your application with Japanese form.

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