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Representative Director
Horological Institute of Japan

Since the Horological Institute of Japan was founded in 1948, we have been consistently pursuing watch-related technology until now. Meanwhile, the principles of time measurement haveevolved from mechanical to quartz, radio-wave and GPS, and the accuracy of watches has been dramatically improved.The time precision of watches which was the most important performance in mechanical watches does no longer matter in everyday life.

If you have a smartphone, it can let you knownot only the time that is the role of the watch, but also your location by using GPS. On the other hand, the latest wristwatchesare also equipped with various microsensors, and the function as an information communication terminal is being strengthened. Along with such evolution of watches, the base of technologies that support it has expanded rapidly. The latest watch technologycan say the ultimate system integration technology of assembling various latestcomponents into smaller packages. And the key to success such system integration is the interdisciplinary exchanges of technical information and collaborations, including not only among engineers but also users. While the evolution of watches continues, the attraction of complicated mechanical watches with traditional brands is still alive. Recently, many attractive mechanical watches designed under the conventional conceptappear, such as onewith a tourbillon mechanism reproduced with the latest technology, an innovative structure clock using the new device and an ultra-thin wrist watch produced by the micro technology. However, in order to keep these attractive, it is indispensable to constantly listen to the voices of people who use the watches and clocks.

As the name suggests, the Horological Institute of Japan is a unique academic society dedicated to the only watch technology in Japan, and it has a long history and tradition where all major domestic watch companies participate. In September we hold an annual conference on micromechatronics wheremany cutting-edge technologies about watch and clock are presented and the latest products are exhibited by each company, as well as attractive special lecturesgiven by such as watch journalists and independent watchmakers.

From this year, in the society Journal, “Micromechatronics”, special issues on wide range of watch-related technologies from the history of mechanical watches to the latest technology using GPSwill start. We will also continue to strengthen the activities to offer the information about the attraction of the watch and clock using the our Society Homepage.

We are also planning to establish a placeat the annual conference sitetoexchanginformation and opinions among related companies, people in the surrounding fields, and watchlovers. I believe that providing this place of exchange is the most important mission of the Society. We look forward to your active participation in the development of the future watch industry in the future.

Organization of HIJ (as of April 1 2018)

Title Name Place of Employment
Representative Director Hisashi Osumi Chuo University
Executive Director Hiroyuki Kihara Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.
Executive Director Kunio Koike Seiko Epson Corporation
Director Takehiko Adachi Yokohama National University
  Miyuki Imamura Seiko Clock Inc.
  Kazunori Umeda Chuo University
  Chikashi Otani Chiba Institute of Technology
  Minami Kimura Tamagawa University
  Ken Sasaki The University of Tokyo
  Katsuyoshi Takizawa Seiko Instruments Inc.
  Teruhisa Tokiwa Casio Computer Co., Ltd.
  Etsuro Nakajima VTECH INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd.
  Tatsuro Narabayashi Tokai University
Steering Committee Member Tatsuyoshi Omura Casio Computer Co., Ltd.
  Masakatsu Komizunai Japan Clock & Watch Association
  Shimura Jyo Tokyo National College of Technology
  Koichiro Jujo Seiko Instruments Inc.
  Noritoshi Suzuki Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.
  Kazuyuki Tsuchiya Tokai University
  Kazuhiko Terashima
  Tetsuji Dohi Chuo University
  Daisuke Fujita Rhythm Watch Co., Ltd.
  Tsuneaki Furukawa Seiko Epson Corporation
  Masanao Yokoyama Seiko Clock Inc.
Auditor Takashi Yamamoto Japan Clock & Watch Association
  Yasuo Yoshimura  

Contributing Member (as of February 23 2018)

(in alphabetical order)

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